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We congratulate you on the birth, or expectation, of your new baby and welcome you to The Treasure Coast Down Syndrome Awareness Group.

Mom and Child with Down syndromeWe are here to support you, to answer your questions and to help you make the parenting of your child positive & rewarding.

If your newborn (or soon to be born) baby has just received a Down syndrome diagnosis, you are probably experiencing a whirlwind of emotions. This is completely normal and you are certainly not alone!

You probably have lots of questions, want to learn more, and are wondering what your next steps should be. The resources on this page will help you get started.

Nothing you did caused your new baby to have an extra chromosome. Everything you do as a nurturing parent will help your child become the best he or she can be. Give your little one time to grow, and you will soon find yourself excited and eager to share your child’s accomplishments and learning experiences.

We are here to listen, to support, and to help. Most of all we are looking forward to sharing in the wonderful joys that await you and your family.

New Parent Information Packet

If you didn’t receive one already from your healthcare provider, request a New Parent Information Packet by filling out our contact form. We will happily send you our packet that includes some basic facts about Down syndrome, most frequently asked questions, and local and national resources. If you’d also like to receive a free copy of the book Babies with Down Syndrome: A New Parent’s Guide, please add that to your request.

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Come to our Treasure Coast Down Syndrome Playgroup

From September thru May we host a playgroup at the Port Saint Lucie Civic Center for children with any special needs (not just Down syndrome) aged 0 – 5. It meets every Monday from 10 – 12. It’s full of fun activities for the kids and it’s a great chance to connect with other parents in the area that have children with special needs. Join our Facebook Group and check out the video below for more information.

Meet Other Families

As you begin caring for your baby, or even while you are pregnant, you might find it helpful to be in contact with another family of a young child with Down syndrome. Having just experienced many of the emotions you are now facing, they can offer a listening ear and kind words of support and understanding. If you would like to meet other families who have a child with Down syndrome, give us a call or send us an email and let us know. We try hard to match families based on ages of parents and child, gender, geography and other common issues. 

Contact Our Local Early Steps Office

Early Steps offers early intervention services for families with infants and toddlers (birth to thirty-six months) who have developmental delays or an established condition likely to result in a developmental delay, such as Down syndrome. Contact the Treasure Coast Early Steps office to schedule an evaluation to learn about early intervention services (which may include physical, occupational, speech and/or oral motor therapies) and how to best meet your new baby’s needs as he or she grows and learns. More information is available at the Treasure Coast Early Steps Website.

We invite you to become a member, engage with us on Twitter or Facebook, and sign up for our e-mail newsletter to stay up to date.

Online Resources

Below are a number of links to very useful pages for new parents of a child with DS.

Visit our resource page to view lots of other links to websites, blogs, organizations, and social media groups that will help you meet your child’s unique needs.

Books and DVDs

Down Syndrome: The First 18 Months (DVD)
Woodbine House is very pleased to bring you this DVD filled with adorable images of babies with Down syndrome, inspiring stories of parents, and practical information from the leading Down syndrome experts. ‘DOWN SYNDROME: The First 18 Months’ is a reassuring and realistic introduction to the unique joys and challenges that children with Down syndrome bring to their families during the critical first 18 to 24 months of life.

Gifts: Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives
Gifts is a poignant and inspirational collection of stories written by mothers of children with Down syndrome. These mothers, each with a unique story, graciously and honestly offer us a glimpse of their journey. Some describe the raw anguish felt upon learning that their child had Down syndrome, their sense of loss and even despair. Many speak of the fierce protection they provide their child in terms of advocacy and education of others, and how they, as mothers, have grown strong and assertive in providing for their children’s needs. All talk of unyielding love and admiration for their children and the joy the children have brought to their lives.

Babies with Down Syndrome: A New Parents’ Guide
Babies with Down Syndrome, the trustworthy guide which has benefited thousands of families since it was first published in 1985, is completely revised and updated in a new, third edition. Covering the best practices for raising and caring for children with Down syndrome through age five, this book is invaluable to new parents who have welcomed a baby with Down syndrome into their lives.


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